In the wake of the quarantine in the Netherlands, caused by COVID-19, cultural events of all sorts were put on hold or canceled. Due to the circumstances,ย an online platform to facilitate, connect, and promote artists and musicians emerged on Instagram. Every Friday night an event consisting of two musical acts, followed by the works of sixย artists, and finishing with an artist group talk, which was mediatedย by Lola Diaz Cantoni. Each edition had its own theme, given to an external artist to work in into a 9-square grid.ย It was meant to represent a space where art could be introduced and where a diversity of practices could co-exist. Each event also had a poster made by a second external artist.ย 

The team of Homescreen consisted of Radina Kordova, Kamile Cesnaviciute, Jorien Ketelaar, and Lola Diaz Cantoni.ย ย 

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