Since their beginning, Het Resort has been a source of inspiration, a space for meaningful interaction, and a supportive workplace. There, Iโ€™ve had the opportunity to engage in artistic creation, volunteer to help other artists, and develop my production and organization skills. Working with Het Resort is nurturing, stimulating, and enriching, it is a safe environment, which I am happy to be involved in.ย 
My involvement began as a volunteer, which later paved the way for being trusted to do the production for S05E01 KAMPย GRUONINGAย and MIDSEASONย 23'. I was also part of Solo Sauna Retreats during the pandemic, where I had a one-week residency at an old gay sauna in Gronigen.ย 

together with Ellen de Haan and former director Karina Bakxย 

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