Project Space SIGN asked Enrica Arbia and me to curate and produce an event for the art side program of the music showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag and "Talent van Hier". We invited a multidisciplinary group of artists, who bridged the lines between art, music, and performance. The event took place on 20.01.2024 in Groningen.

〰 Ötza 𓍯 Il teatrino dell'Irrequieto 𓏲 Ruggero di Luisi╰ NDNMK Solutions ∿ Vieze Meisje 𓂅 Ether Infinity 𓂃𓈒
Hyperreal, hyperpop, hypermeta, hyperdata. Life as we know it is blowing out of proportion. The cyber-world collects our souls and urges us to keep up. Social and self-transformation are part of everyday conversations.   It is all too much and sometimes we also want to dance. We are all together in this chaos of abundance, keeping hold of our identities while questioning and liquifying them. 
HyperTrove is a stage for addressing personal and social environments, where we question reality, the fictional, the meta, ourselves, and each other. It is a daring place for us and the public to take part in a collective experience, connect within a hyper timeline, and go on a treasure trove with the hopes of finding answers.

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