Radina Kordova is a mixed media performance artist from Bulgaria, currently living and working in Groningen, The Netherlands. Radina draws inspiration from speculative fiction, solar punk, human behavior, and deep listening. She reflects on post-human environments by creating soundscape installations, performances, sculptures, costumes, and textual pieces. Her practice is driven by storytelling, sonic explorations, experimenting, and working with different materials. Radina loves to collaborate and next to being an autonomous artist, she works towards organizing, curating,ย and production. She has obtained a BFA in "FineArts" from Academy Minerva and an MFA in โ€œMedia, Art, Design, and Technologyโ€ at the Frank Mohr Institute and is currently working for Groningen-based art institutions like Het Resort and Gallery Noorderlicht.ย 
Find my portfolio page on Kunstpunt's website as well!ย 
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